MiniTool Power Data Recovery Can Help Recover Data From SSD

SSD is the acronym of Solid State Disk, also known as Solid State Drive. The weight and volume of SSD are light than HDD, but the running speed, capacity and data safety is better than HDD. Due to the huge demand for a large capacity hard drive, though SSD has a high cost, it becomes a popular choice. More and more computer users are eager to replace their old hard drive. However, there is still a fact that SSD data loss problem occur now and then. Therefore, how to solve this problem is so necessary.

Is there a good SSD data recovery software that could be useful in most SSD data loss cases?  SSD data recovery techniques are very complicated because the file deletion process of SSD is not the same to that of the traditional hard drive.

In traditional hard drive, if a file is deleted, it’s only the index that has been removed, which means the real content still remains until that space is occupied by new data. But in SSD, the content will be removed immediately after a file was deleted under the effect of TRIM.

When users write new data into the mechanical hard drive, Windows will let the disk clean previous data at first. Then, the new data will be put to the corresponding place. When users just perform a deletion operation, Windows will mark the corresponding space as available, but it will not remove the real file content.

However, when Windows recognizes an SSD and confirms that TRIM is supported, it will delete the file at once, instead of making a special tag. Volume Bitmap is used to record that this file is deleted.

How to recover data from SSD?

Users can download MiniTool Power Data Recovery firstly, which provides the free edition for users to restore no more than 1GB lost data.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Can Help Recover Data From SSD 5

Open MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can see there is four different module for different situations. Users need to choose the best suitable recovery module, here we choose This PC.  it focus on recover accidentally deleted files or folders from your partitions. Follow the guide, and select the specific partition to scan.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Can Help Recover Data From SSD 6

Next, you can see the your lost data information. Because in the below of the window, you can see the legend of your files or folders. Save out your lost files or folders to a safe place.

The consist interface, convenient use, delicate guide, help users recovery their data quickly. MiniTool data recovery now can support Windows and Mac. For Mac users, they can use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to recover the lost, deleted, damaged data.

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