Mastering Location Based Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Location based marketing is one of the hottest forms of advertising. It uses a customer’s exact location to target that person with ads based on where the individual is at any given moment. You might offer a 10 percent discount to shoppers when they enter a store, or you might give customers a discount for visiting a new location. Check out a few ways that you can master this new art for your business.

Mastering Location Based Marketing in 5 Easy Steps1

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Choose the Right Coupons

The right coupons will appeal to customers and make them willing to use those discounts, while the wrong coupons can look like spam and go right in their trashcan. A good coupon is one that will give customers a discount that same day, which forces those shoppers to act as soon as they receive the alert.

Determine How to Target Customers

You need to learn how to target customers before you launch a location based marketing campaign. Some companies found success using a check-in promotion with Facebook or another site. Restaurants reward diners, who check-in online before eating, with a free appetizer or dessert. Other companies reward shoppers when they visit the company’s website or when they post pictures or tweet about their experiences.

Mastering Location Based Marketing in 5 Easy Steps2

Spread the Word Online

Getting the word about your new campaign is the key to your marketing success. No matter how many signs you hang around your shop or how often you talk to customers, you need to reach those who might not stop by your place of business. Running a blog, guest posting on other blogs and placing ads online can all get people excited about your advertising. Use websites like Marketing Exchange to find out more about how to get the word out about your company.

Create a Mobile Website

If you want your location based marketing campaign to succeed, you must create a mobile website that people can read on their smartphones. These websites are generally smaller in scale and offer links to other pages. A mobile website will encourage customers to check-in and visit your site while in your shop or restaurant.

Keep Track of Results

Keeping track of your results helps you see if your campaign is a success or not. You’ll find a number of websites that record how many people check-in online and view your mobile website, and you can use those figures to compare your current sales against the sales you recorded before using location based marketing. Coupons, targeting customers and a mobile website are just a few of the steps associated with launching a successful campaign.

By Marlena Stoddard

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