Market Segmentation: How to Make Sure Your App Rocks

If you’re thinking about making an app for the masses, think again. It looks like the mobile app market is becoming more and more fragmented with time. The more options we have for mobile solutions to our problems, the more options we’ll choose. So instead of trying to make one app for everyone and failing, why not focus on creating one killer app for a smaller market segment and blowing it out of the water?


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Here, we’ll break down each of the potential market segments one might choose to target when creating a mobile app. After all, the better you understand your target market, the further you can knock it out of the park.


Some recent study has been done showing that mothers are heavy users of mobile devices, making them a valuable segment to target. What’s most interesting is that the percentage of moms who use iOS as opposed to Android is larger than the general population. Additionally, moms tend to use tablets more often than the general person. What does that mean for a developer? Chances are you’ll be most successful targeting moms if you build your app to run on an iPad.

The Business Sector

Business owners are growing increasingly aware (at an amazing rate actually) that mobile apps can provide their company with substantial growth opportunities. Most people assume that means creating apps targeted to the general public for marketing purposes but the real potential for profit lies in custom mobile applications for internal use. You can contact any app development company for an app that’s completely tailored to the needs of your staff and business. This is especially true for sales teams who rely on constant communication with HQ while salesmen are on the floor or knocking doors. What would your customer think when she sees your guys using paper while her toddler is using a kindle?


Who can forget the kids? Kids present a huge opportunity for app developers. What makes their market segment so enticing? First, they don’t spend their own money, they spend someone else’s. That means it takes a lot less convincing on your part to get them to buy. Second, this market is huge because one game app can appeal to kids from the age of 10 all the way to the age of 18 and beyond. Besides, what adult has been able to use their iPad in peace among a group of kids? No one. Kids seem to rule the consumer mobile world at the moment.

Now, Create!

Now that we’ve broken down three major market segments you should keep in mind while creating your app, you shouldn’t feel tempted to stop there. If you really want to be successful, you should probably consider breaking it down even further. What kind of moms will you target? Single moms? One-kid moms? Empty nesters? Essentially, the more broken down and defined you have your target market, the more able you are to cater your app to their needs, and an app catered to their needs is going to go much further than an app trying to meet everyone’s needs at once. It’s a basic business principle, but one that many of us have forgotten when it comes to mobile app creation.

Reed Halder is a freelance technology writer and digital media consultant. Reed also loves spending time with his little boy who’s as much of a nerd as Reed is.

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