Make stunning photos with Samsung Jet

Samsung Jet has a superb 5MB camera with brilliant flash for stunning photos. The design is super slim.

Samsung Jet

Samsung Jet came with Full Touch Screen, Quad Band GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS Geo Tagging, 5 MP Camera, and 3.1-Inch AMOLED Display.

Sleek looks. Breathtaking speed. Amazing photos. And a crystal clear touch-screen that’s yours to personalise – putting your web and other favourites just a tap away.

Speed up your browsing with superfast internet. And don’t hang around for anything else – the Jet’s designed to stay speedy, even when it’s doing lots of things at once. All this in a super slim phone with an incredible screen you can always see clearly – even in direct sunlight.

Want fantastic pictures? The Samsung Jet has a smart flash and 5 megapixel camera to give you crisp, natural images every time. Perfect for showing off on that pin-sharp screen.

Samsung Jet main features

  • Quad band
  • 5mp camera
  • led flash
  • 3.1-Inch AMOLED Display
  • WI-FI

The camera is good, and you can upload directly from the phone to Facebook. Display is excellent in normal light, very clear and bright. It looks good, it’s nice and compact, and it does everything I want from a phone – makes calls, takes photos, browses the web, plays music.

Availability and pricing info

In USA you can get the Samsung Jet Unlocked Phone from Amazon.

In UK you can find a good deal at Vodafone shop.

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