Major Factors to Consider Before Buying Wireless Clock Systems

Nowadays, majority of people are opting the trend of wireless clock system as the wired clock systems are no more in fashion. People are now opting for replacing the traditional wired clocks with the new wireless clocks. As one may depend on the battery operated clocks in schools, offices or even factories for over the years, one could easily judge that how unreliable the time is from the official state time or how out of sync the different clocks are from each other.


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In case if one is thinking about upgrading the new clock with the old traditional ones, they need to understand some of the important factors and should greatly consider it before buying it. The main factors need to be considered before buying wireless clocks are being listed by Sapling-inc. those important factors are being listed below:

Easy to Install:

Some of the manufacturers offer free installation of the wireless clock systems but some of them do ask for the service fee. Installing at least one is quite easy to do. As it does not have any wires, so the toughest task involved while its installation is drilling the hole for the antennae and after that everything else is just a matter of syncing the master clock with the slave clocks. Rest of everything is done by the system itself.


The system need to be hooked up with either an Ethernet connection or with cell phone antennae or even with any global positioning system. Also, the master clock needs to be in tune with the slave clocks with the precision of no more or less than one second. The wireless clock systems need to make all the necessary corrections like daylight savings time or even accounting for Leap Year by itself.

Energy Saver:

These clocks are able to save up to 80% of energy as compared to the traditional mechanical clocks. This is a right product and best option for saving the energy.

Backup Power:

Whenever the blackouts appear, the stored battery backups are useful in keeping the time accurate without being supplying any external power. This usually benefits at the time of the power cut or blackouts.


These clocks are being equipped with a password and so no one else can try to mess with the time. No one would try to change the time as these clocks are being equipped with security code. The security feature also proves to be important while using the clocks to log the daily time records of the employees.

Technical Support:

Even if the product is a branded one, one needs to look at the manufacturer as well as its promised support. One may look for the warranty or service fees whenever the warranty gets expired. Whenever any complaint is placed, check how soon do they pick up the phone and answer to your complaint or how soon do they send technicians to solve the problem and repairing the systems.

Thus, these are some of the most inevitable factors that are needed to be taken into consideration while planning to buy one for one’s office or any other place. One could also opt researching on internet or talking to friends or colleagues who have previously owned a wireless clock.

Daniel Clark, is a professional writer who regularly writes on the applications of wireless clocks. He enjoys writing about emerging technologies for master and slave clocks. Here he is sharing different factors to consider before buying a one.

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