Magnetic Charging Cables: The Best Kept Secret

Magnetic charging cables are the best-kept secret in the mobile phone industry today. You may be familiar with magnetic charging cables or maybe just completely unaware of their greatness.

However, today is why we will be discussing magnetic charging cables.

What’s the most common issue you face with your charging cables? The hassle of carrying around different cables for each of your different devices or debris getting inside of your charging port? No matter which one you pick, magnetic charging cables are the solution to both of these problems. I know what you’re thinking. How can a magnetic charging cable possibly be compatible with different devices such as; Android, iPhone, and even an Xbox gaming controller? Well, the answer to that is quite simple. With the help of removable Type-C, Lightning, and micro-USB adapter heads you can simply charge all your devices with the one charging cable.

Magnetic charger cables are also safe for your phone’s charging ports. Thanks to the magnetic charging cable’s adapter heads, you’ll save yourself from spending hundreds of dollars. The adapter heads protect your phone’s charging port by acting as a barrier between your phone’s port and the outside world once its inserted. A damaged charging port could cost up to $100 or more to get replaced. Moreover, most charging cables are either made with rubber or metal. By choosing a rubber or metal cable, you are sacrificing between durability and flexibility. Magnetic charging cables are mostly made with braided nylon. Braided nylon is most durable as well as the most flexible material for charging cables. These are just a couple of benefits of owning a magnetic charging cable. So besides opting for wireless chargers, magnetic charging cables are the next thing to go for.  

Here’s an infographic to make life much easier:

Magnetic Charging Cables: The Best Kept Secret 3

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