Looking at the Way the Phone Has Changed Business

There are a lot of articles out there touting different technological advances that are affecting the way people do business. There is a lot of focus on the Internet of things as well as other advances such as artificial intelligence. And while all of these things are having a major impact on how businesses are run and while it is likely that all of these things will have a larger impact in the future, undoubtedly, the biggest game changer when it comes to how business has functioned over the past century has been the telephone.

Prior to the advent of the telephone, messages took time to be transported from one location to another. Business moved only as fast as a telegram or as fast as the post. Since the advent of the telephone, businesses have been able to communicate with each other instantaneously. Clients have been able to place and change orders at a whim, and businesses have been able to build and maintain relationships by simply picking up the phone. It is no wonder that local business phone service has been of primary concern to business owners.

Looking at the Way the Phone Has Changed Business 3

Cellular phones, and especially smartphones, are another game changer. While these devices are referred to as phones, anyone who has a smartphone knows that making calls from one person to another is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to defining what these devices do. A smartphone is powerful enough so that a savvy person could literally run their entire business by just using this device.

Thanks to the access these devices give to the Internet, a 15-year-old individual running a small business has as much access to knowledge as a CEO running a large enterprise. A smartphone allows a person to make transportation plans, talk to colleagues, and even have face-to-face video conferences with a person on the other side of the planet.

Many small business owners use their smartphone as a way to order the products they’re going to sell, manage and send invoices, use social media to talk to those who are important to them and collaborate with their colleagues. There are even a lot of stores that allow people to use their cell phone to make payments.

As much as computers, printers, and others smart devices have impacted business, it will be a long time before these devices can claim to have had as powerful of an effect on the way that business is performed as the telephone has had.

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