LG Thrive Prepaid Android GoPhone With AT&T

You have to realize that each day more folks need to get their very first cellular phones. You will find generally two options when you obtain your first cell phone. The technique that the majority of men and women wind up using is simply to sign a contract with one of the cell phone service providers. For individuals who don’t want to sign a contract you will see that you can get yourself a pre-paid mobile phone service. If you’re trying to find a mobile phone but do not want to end up signing a contract you will see that the LG Thrive Pre-paid Android GoPhone with AT&T is really a good option.


For those of you that are unaware, you will recognize that most companies will require you to provide a deposit if you haven’t had cell phone service before. In relation to this deposit you may have to provide them with $250, for an initial deposit in order to use their cell service. You ought to also comprehend that not all cellular phones are going to work everywhere, and of course, if the cell phone service you sign up for does not work at your house you’ll not be able to cancel your account with out having to pay some type of cancellation fee. These are just a few the reasons that more men and women are searching for pre-paid services for their new cell phones.

Now in relation to not signing a contract you are going to learn that this is not something you are going to have to do with the LG Thrive Prepaid Android GoPhone with AT&T. All you need to do to keep your cell phone working is to add a pay as you go card for your cell phone. You’re only going to have to purchase the minutes that you have to have every month, and you will also realize that when you purchase minutes your phone will be activated for 1 month up to a year with regards to the amount of minutes you purchase.

You will see that not only will this phone incorporate the android operating system, but this is also a very good quality phone. The android operating system is something which most men and women are actually searching for in a phone. The screen that comes with this phone is in fact a touch screen that is 3.2 inches in size, and you are also going to realize that the qwerty touch screen keyboard makes texting very easy. It also makes searching the net quite simple as it works much like your home computer would work. If you go to Amazon you’re going to realize that they have a complete list of all the features that you will find with this phone as we do not have the time or room to go over all the features here.

LG Thrive Prepaid Android GoPhone
LG Thrive Prepaid Android GoPhone

One thing you’re going to find is that you can pick this up for just $150, if you decide to pick this up from Amazon, and that is actually 25% off the list price. Amazon is even going to pay to have this phone delivered to your home, which means you do not need to pay the shipping fees.

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