LG LG500G Tracfone With Double Minutes For Life

Having a contract for you cell phone service is something that a lot of individuals are looking to get away from. There are tons of options these days for getting prepaid cell phones but the problem is that they can wind up being rather expensive. You’ll discover that the reason you’ll wind up spending more cash is due to the fact that the phones themselves can wind up costing a lot of money. However the LG LG500G Tracfone with Double Minutes for Life is a mobile phone and service that is really affordable without having to sign a contract.


When you purchase your minutes for this phone the first thing you’re going to find is that your getting twice the amount of minutes than you end up purchasing. Some of you may not recognize how nice this is, but minutes can wind up being very expensive and when you’ll be able to save cash on these minutes, this can be vital. Also simply because you wind up getting double minutes every time you purchase minutes you will discover that you can wind up paying as little as eight cents per minute. Again if you’ve ever shopped around for prepaid services you’ll discover that most companies are charging anywhere from ten to twelve cents a minute.

The other thing you’ll learn is the fact that this particular phone is definitely a high quality phone. More than likely you have heard of LG and you are already aware that just about every cell phone company employs their phones for their clients, and this should let you know that this is a good quality phone. Browsing the net and sending text messages is fairly easy when you recognize that this phone comes with a QWERTY keyboard. There is another really cool feature that comes with this phone and that’s the MP3 player that is built in to this phone. There is yet another thing that I should mention about this phone and that’s that you’ll be able to use this phone for 4 hours before you need to recharge the battery. You will also find that this phones battery will will last for 170 hours when in the standby mode.

You should in addition know that Tracfone was one of the very first cell phone services to offer prepaid cell phones. Which means you know that you’ll be working with a company with a long history of delivering prepaid cell phone services. You will also discover that when it comes to the minutes you’ll be able to buy, there are many options available. So depending on how much you will need to use your phone, you are able to buy up to 1500 minutes at a time or perhaps as few as 30 minutes. And you must also remember that should you end up purchasing 1500 minutes you will get 3000 minutes due to the double minutes you will get.

You can get this for just $18.99 in the event you decide to order this from Amazon, and if you are not aware this is a great price for a phone like this. With regards to prepaid cell phone service and in addition getting a good phone, you will discover that this is one of the better solutions available today.

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