Know Better Cost Cutting Tips For CNC Machining

The CNC machining nowadays have become one of the extreme competitive business due to the spread out of wide range of CNC machine shops in majority of the regions. These machine shops have been set up in every country and specifically at those places where the company has very low labor rates. As a result, every possible opportunity for cutting costs within the CNC machining operations need to be considered seriously in order to offset the benefits of very low labor rates that are available in some of the parts of the world.


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There are four such areas where the CNC machine shop owners, the foreman or even the managers could work out for reducing the costs. This as a result increases the bottom line as well as profitability of the machining business. So, let us have a look on top four cost cutting tips that helps in managing CNC machining business:

ü The first and foremost area to address is the raw materials cost. If any of the company uses the same material or same family of materials then the purchase of such materials in bulk can help in reducing the costs. One can also place a blanket order along with scheduled releases for the cost cutting purpose. The other way to reduce material costs is by purchasing the material drops from the raw material vendor. These raw material companies supplies their customers with the cut to length material from the full length bars and the left over are being discounted.

ü The next area that is being addressed in order to reduce costs is tooling which are usually expensive. One can purchase carbide inserts in huge amount or can place blanket orders with an assurance of regular releases. This would allow taking advantage of huge volume discounts. Another cost cutting idea is that the drills can be sharpened again instead of being getting thrown away after its single use. One of the most popular places to get the cheap CNC tooling is from the auction houses.

ü The third area for saving money on different CNC machineries is the chip recycling. Along with the rising costs of commodities, the value of the chips cannot be just overstated. While keeping different materials separated by storing it in separate barrels it is being labeled with the clearly identifying tags, so that the materials of different chemistry are not mixed up. The recycled value of the same material could be different in various CNC machine shops and the company would more preferably go with the lowest grade material price unless it has been properly separated.

ü The fourth and the last are for the cost control is the machining coolant. Majority of the machinery shops simply dispose off due to their coolant after certain period as the machining oils contaminate the coolant while causing smoke in the machine shop. This could be handled by an oil skimmer just for low volume shops with the use of oil water separator unit for the high volume shops. One would need to investigate the return done on an investment and the pay off period within one of these units.

Thus, these were some of the cost cutting tips related to the CNC machining. One can look for more ways in order to get the product at best available price.

Daniel Clark is a blogger and an expert marketing consultant of the CNC machineries. Here he is guiding different cost cutting measures taken by CNC machine shops to get best affordable machineries.

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