iPod, the ”daddy” of MP3 players

Most of us have an MP3 player of some sort, they’re great for boring commutes, workouts and spontaneous tunes on the go. The iPod, is, and has been for quite some time, the “daddy” of MP3 players: sleek, functional and never compromising on design. The music player of the Apple tech arsenal.


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Since its release in late 2001 of a decade has seen original re-mastered and upgraded. The success spawned a smaller “sporty” model in 2005: the iPod Shuffle, named for its only original function (to shuffle or re-order music tracks as the previous track is skipped) it featured the trade mark apple “wheel”, but with no display, the wheel lacked the scroll functionality of the normal iPod and instead just had 6 buttons.

Because of it’s paired down features the shuffle has always been tiny in comparison to the larger iPod, the second generation made a huge jump to the small rectangle clip style similar we know today. Living up to its sporty tag, the small size and lightweight makes it perfect for attaching to almost anything. The 4g has a style similar to the second generation shuffle, but it has a square shape instead on a rectangle making it even smaller To get one of these online would set you back $49, but the wonderful people at Dream bingo are offering the latest iPod shuffle as amazing prize to all their loyal online bingo players, on top of that, they also have a iTunes gift voucher available, which is the perfect accompaniment. Check out the prize schedule for more info.

Whilst the 4g is tiny, it isn’t the smallest ipod ever, said by Apple to be “jaw-droppingly small”, the iPod shuffle 3g really was small, At under 1cm think the newer version was lightweight and waterproof and if that wasn’t enough Apple completely scrapped the button circle, in fact it has no buttons ! Fortunately the 3rd generation bombed and Apple saw the error of their ways just time to release the fourth generation in late 2012.

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