iPhone 5: Catalogue of Complaints irks Apple Crazies

The most anticipated phone of the year has arrived in the market midst high expectations and hullabaloo. Apple fanatics dreaming about the new iPhone model since the announcement – to hold the sleek and thin phone in their hands – have made plans to be proud owners of this mobile. Users of iPhone 4 and 4S have thronged outlets of their cell phone service providers to renew their contracts and obtain best deals on their new handsets. With mounting excitement and high hopes of loyal Apple users, the tech giant geared up all its efforts to outdo its earlier smartphone models and make iPhone 5 Apple’s latest protagonist.

iPhone 4

However, only a week into its appearance in stores, users have to face disappointment – not from its stunning shape – but certain features, which were either missing or faulty.

From Apple Maps to Faulty Camera

The hype created around the release of iPhone 5 is settling down slowly like whipped cream gone flat. Well, whipped cream can come back to its original shape after some effort, but can Apple win back the trust of thousands of iPhone crazies who have become disillusioned from numerous issues the new model faces. Let’s not make any hasty predictions – surely the company will fight tooth and nail to uphold their image and regain trust of its users.

It began with removal of Google Maps to make room for Apple’s seemingly unfinished in-house Map app. Initially, users could not come around to understand the absence of Maps – hoping that was a software bug that could be fixed with an update. Apple Maps – though made especially for the iPhone users – failed to impress them. Following the unsuccessful attempt of Apple Map app, surfaced the issue of light “bleeding” from the edge of the screen – appearing as a thin white light around the edges of the screen.

A barrage of complaints opened against the gadget, being touted as “wonder of smartphone”. A considerable number of iPhone 5 handsets were reported faulty, having issues with their Wi-Fi connections, scratching on the aluminum casing, as well as confused weather reports from the voice-activated Siri assistant, reports Daily Mail, UK. Some users were shocked to discover their handsets rattled when shaken – attributed to a loose battery within the device, while other users are finding that their batteries drain within hours.

However, major criticism came over a flaw in the phone camera that gives images a ‘purple haze’. Users complained about the image quality of pictures taken from their brand new iPhone 5 – images taken on the camera are ringed with a ‘purple haze’ on any image containing a bright light. But some blame the sapphire crystal lens, in which case the handsets will have to be recalled in order to fix them. Apple has not yet given any official comment on this issue, although the firm’s tech support teams have allegedly told users the problem is ‘widespread’.

With number of defects being surfaced every other day, one can only hope the iOS is secured from any kind of iPhone spyware.

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