Innovation: How Modern Technology Can Have a Positive Effect on Your Health

Technology has long been touted as a conduit of measurement that can assess the level of advancement within a society, although advancements in the health industry cannot rightfully be excluded from this assessment. Targeted indicators have revealed the connection between advancements in modern technology and advancements in the areas of health and wellness. From using an inkjet printer to replicate bones, to introducing a device that uses the motion of the heartbeat to power an implanted pacemaker, modern technology has progressively been used to develop processes and devices that can provide early detection, save lives, extend lives, and significantly improve the quality of life.

The Cardiac Pacemaker as a Lifesaving Device

The first heart pacemaker was constructed by John Hopps in 1949 and was a bulky device that provided an insulated wire through the jugular vein. The device used vacuum tubes to generate electrical impulses. These electric shocks were delivered to the right atrium and provided artificial pacing lives were saved, however quality of life was somewhat compromised due to resulting physical restrictions.

The Cardiac Pacemaker Extends Life

Ten years after the development of the first heart pacemaker, developments in technology produced an implantable pacemaker, small enough to be implanted in the body. It was the size of a tin of shoe polish. The first recipient of the implantable pacemaker received 28 devices and lived up to the age of 86.

The Cardiac Pacemaker Improves the Quality of Life

Continued technological advancements have produced a modern cardiac pacemaker that can restart the heart if it stops, collect data about how well the heart and the pacemaker are working, monitor the patient’s physical activity, and adjust the heartbeat if needed. Thus the modern cardiac pacemaker continues to be an example of how modern technology can have a positive effect on one’s health.

Technology in Fashion: How They Can Be Positive for One’s Health

Think about wearable technology products like smart watches and fitness bands. These devices can help monitor the overall health and wellness of each individual wearing these items due to the biosensors implanted in them. They can help capture, quantify, and reveal unique health and wellness insights which ultimately allow people to monitor and improve the performance of their body and mind (Source:

Statistics provide ample evidence that modern technology can have a positive effect on your health and provide a better quality of life by not only personalizing diagnostics, but, also through management of chronic health conditions, improving diets, and managing care for large populations.

By Lizzie Weakley

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