Impossible Road: recent arrival on Android after a year-long residency in the iOS App Store

If you’re tired of shooting bad guys, have had enough of role playing adventures, and have found enough hidden objects to last you a lifetime, then you may be looking for a different kind of game. Impossible Road could be a refreshing change. This game is a simple, casual game that is easy to play in concept, but difficult to master. Impossible Road is an addictive game you can pull out for a few minutes here or there, or spend hours facing its challenges on a weekend afternoon. After being exclusively sold on iOS, Impossible Road is finally available on Android too. If you want to try it out, you can purchase it for $1.99.


The concept

The concept in the Impossible Road game is quite simple. There is a track that stretches out in front of you. It winds around and around, looping back and forth. Your mission is to roll your ball on this track as long as you can, not letting the ball fall off of the track. It seems simple, but the twisting track gives you continuous challenges.

To picture the game, imagine a roller coaster where the cars are not attached to the track. Instead, you’d have to steer your car left and right as it went through the roller coaster, striving to keep it on the tracks. Gamers who are familiar with the old Mario Kart game will find that Impossible Road reminds them of the old Rainbow Road track in that game, with all its frustrations.

The visuals in Impossible Road are clean and sleek. The world is white, and the road that stretches ahead of you is blue. You have a white ball that you maneuver, which is also known as the Vessel. If it wasn’t for the blue ribbon of a road that stretches on and on in front of you, there would be no depth or dimension to the space. The road in front of you is all there is, and it keeps going, and going, and going. The soundtrack for the game has techno-style music, and a beat that keeps the pace up. You know you have to move fast, and keep on moving, or you will soon face your inevitable demise.

The gameplay

The way game play works is that you touch your screen on the left or right sides to steer in that direction, and keep your ball on its winding, never-ending path. At some locations along the track, there are checkpoints. When you steer your ball through one of the checkpoints, you score points. The normal strategy is to try to keep the vessel on the track at all times. You can only score points when you’re on the track for the checkpoint, so this is a good strategy.

Advanced players may try tricks, like jumping your ball off the track at one location, and taking a shortcut before rejoining the track in a different location. This can be tricky, however, since if you are off the track in the air for more than a short time, you die and the game ends. When your ball leaves the track (accidentally or on purpose), you have about two seconds as it falls through space to try to get back on track. When you die, white noise signals the end.

When it was released for iOS, back in 2013, Impossible Road won the award for best app of the year in the App Store. On Android, the game currently has a 4.2 star rating. There’s still time for the rating to grow since it was just launched in April.

The article is being written by a full time blogger and freelance writer Michael Clark. Apart he loves to play online games whenever he gets time, and his favorite site to play online games is Cooking Games 365.

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