HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer

If you are looking for flexibility, you can’t ask for anything better than the HP TouchPad Wi-Fi. It doesn’t take much effort to share, connect, shop or play with this tablet. When you group your projects that are related into card stacks, you will be able to continue to be more organized. You will be able to do your projects on a beautiful 9.7-inch LED multi-touch display. The best of the web can be enjoyed on the TouchPad as it uses Flash. A front-facing cam is likewise available so you’ll be able to do live video calling.


WebOS has exceptional multitasking capabilities and you can effortlessly consolidate your information when you log in to your various accounts. Simultaneously, you will be able to view different calendars, go over your contacts, link Facebook information and go over your emails. There is a feature called Just Type which lets you compose messages or search the Web without starting an app. Event, email and message notifications will be presented to you without interrupting your work. You will have the ability to charge the HP TouchPad wirelessly with the optional HP Touchstone Charging Dock. If you wanted to share your sites, you can easily do that if you also have a HP Pre4 or a Veer Smartphone.

The TouchPad is a good product that boasts of excellent battery life, high-quality apps, loads of entertainment and wonderful web-browsing experience. The greatest feature of the TouchPad is likely the HP OS. Unlike any OS on the market today, WebOS keeps everything in sync and operating smoothly. You can quickly connect to emails, Facebook, or calendars. You will not have a screen littered lots of icons. All of the internet can be surfed without having a black screen because of a missing plugin. There are few apps for the HP TouchPad wi-fi tablet but you can expect many to flood the market shortly. You can manage with what there is, and there are a number of games and productivity apps that you may want to use.

The actual hardware may not be its strong point. Any tablet that is worth its value comes with real USB ports, front and back camera, an HDMI port and a memory slot. This HP tablet is lacking if you compare it with most of the others. Some users prefer to have more options for inputs/outputs. Despite that, the image quality is arguably the best out of all the tablets. The touch response is great, as well as the life of the battery, being 5 or 6 hours. But if you leave the HP TouchPad tablet running all night, you will have low battery power.

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer
HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer

The amazing versatility of the HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB enables you to do pretty much anything. The tablet lets you connect quickly, along with surf, play and share. You aren’t going to encounter any technical glitches. The TouchPad is the innovative and the best tablet that you will find.

It’s also available in 32 GB version.


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