How Your Company Can Benefit from Going to the Cloud

Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize how any business conducts itself. In a nutshell, cloud computing is the elimination of the physical hardware that stores data in favor of having all business-based software, networks, and databases online. Here is how your company can benefit from going to the cloud.


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Radical Reduction to Overhead Costs

Businesses big or small need to invest in servers and hardware to hold data. Depending on how much data there is, many businesses will have entire rooms or floors devoted to hardware that stores their data. This is a cost in terms of capital, maintenance, utility expenses, and staffing as expert network analysts will be needed to repair and maintain the servers. With cloud computing, literally all that hardware disappears. Rental and property costs are reduced, and new space can be used in the office. Machinery costs are reduced, and utility expenses go down since the company is not using as much electricity. Also, in terms of staffing, a company will not need to invest in so many highly-skilled workers to maintain the servers or filing systems.

Automatic Maintenance and Permanent Data

Ever heard the saying, “the internet is forever”? Cloud computing works this way as well. Within a secured network, the data put into the cloud stays in the cloud. The data cannot be destroyed due to damaged machinery or power outages since there is no physical storage of the data; and since the data is stored in the cloud, maintenance is more efficient than ever before. In the old days, highly-skilled network architects would have to update servers carefully so data would not be compromised. Cloud computers are able to update, for efficiency and security without the need for extra workers.

Personnel Flexibility

The increasing trend of telecommuting, and performing work duties at home become a clearer reality with cloud computing. Since work data can be accessed anywhere, work can be done anywhere. Some companies eliminate whole office spaces because they allow their departments to work from home. Although some businesses may be hesitant to go such a radical route, worker productivity can be increased if they have options to work at home from time to time.

More Data

When a company needs physical servers, the servers had to correspond with the amount of data being processed. So, the more data, the more servers. With the cloud and lead generation software, companies can have unlimited amounts of data without investing in more servers. Instead of just a cost savings, this provides the business with immense capabilities to absorb, handle, and interpret more data that can increase the company’s sales or reduce their costs. With more data, companies can invest in innovative new ways to offer their services much risk.

Investing Toward Going Green

Most businesses understand going green is a good investment and can save their company money, which often proves to be an excellent public relations move. With cloud computing, utility costs and carbon footprints are reduced, and the company can save money by not buying expensive servers that have large carbon-footprints from their production costs. Low electricity bills, and saving on enough space to potentially reduce office sizes, and helps businesses save money and lower their carbon footprint in relation to much physical space and energy they consume.

Overall, the costs associated with cloud computing are worth it. The immense savings and productivity increases from cloud computing will help businesses, big or small, compete in the global economy, and save a lot of money.

By Brooke Chaplan

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