How Will You Protect Your Family In Unpredictable Times?

How Will You Protect Your Family In Unpredictable Times?

The idea and planning for the safety of your family have never been more important than now. The instability in world affairs has entire governments in a state of constant worry. It might be time to start looking at a better way to keep your family protected from the danger of random or intentional gunfire.

Gunfire-Proof Technology for the Average Family

Every family can now have the same protection that police enjoy to guard their bodies against injuries and fatalities from gunfire. You can customize it to include your family crest, favorite saying, business logo, and more. Keep it handy to grab when needed.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

The tactical ballistic shield
is extremely lightweight and offers a comfortable grip to place the protection right where you need it. Teaching every member of your family how to use the shield takes little time and can provide them life-saving protection when you aren’t there to help. It gives you real peace of mind in trying times.

Protect Your Family from Shots as Big as a 44

The protective power of the tactical ballistic shield can deflect shots from 9mm and 44 caliber weapons, which is impressive for protective gear being sold to the general public. Every bullet deflected potentially saves lives. It’s a sensible investment for a time that has seen increasing numbers of shootings.

Stay Prepared for All Events

The recent warning by the government to prepare and have at least 6 months worth of food and water should be enough to get people to think of how to protect the family from bullets flying as the unprepared search for supplies. Hopefully, your family will never need the protection but having it available is priceless.

Stray bullets during periods of gunplay can kill you or a family member without the right protection. The added risk of potential civil unrest scenarios make the tactical ballistic shield
nearly an essential item for all homes.

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