How To Recover Data In Case Of Hard Disk Fails

Anyone who has been a proud owner of a computer, whether a PC or a laptop, has had to contend with fears of how to recover data in case of hard disk fail. By their nature, computers are very sensitive devices and may be affected or damaged by seemingly harmless elements. The first step is to know how or why data was lost or the hard disk failed in the first place. This information can do wonders for you, without which your efforts may not help out much as you would have otherwise wished.

Causes of Hard Disk failure

  • Hard disk failure on computers is a normal process. It comes as a result of normal wear and tear which is associated with all types of machinery.
  • There are also environmental factors which cause hard disk failures and they include heat, water, and damage as a result of falls.


Recovering Data from Hard Disk Failures

a) Recovery Software

  • Recovery software can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your computer to help you with data recovery. However, this software will only work where the hard disk itself has not been damaged. Therefore, before downloading any data recovery software to aid you in this venture, try to check if your hard disk has been damaged. There are free data recovery software’s, which you can obtain readily from the markrt, while the supported versions can be purchased.
  • You can tell that your hard disk drive is damaged where the CMOS or BIOS POST fail to see it. As long as the operating system fails to see or read from your hard disk drive, then this is a clear indicator that it has been damaged and is in need of a repair. You will also receive messages, which will constantly tell you to format your drive or displaying that the operating system is not found, these are signs that you should take into consideration to help you know whether your hard disk drive is damaged.

b) Data Recover Experts

  • These days there are very many companies that have been established with the sole purpose of helping people who have lost data due to damaged hard disk drives. This is the step that you should carry out in case the data has been lost as a result of extremely hot temperatures such as fire, or where water entered the computer. Where the computer also fell down resulting in damages to the hard disk drive and eventual loss of data, these experts are helpful in recovering your data as well.
  • Even huge corporations which have installed the 5 set RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) system also suffer from time to time from data loss. If one of these disks gets damaged, that is still no cause for alarm. However, when the entire system fails then data recovery experts should be consulted to help out with this undertaking. The only thing you need to beware of is that you have to part with considerable amounts of money to pay these experts depending on the extent of damage to the disk.

It is important to note that irrespective of the size of the hard disk drive that has lost your data, it can all be recovered. Even where your hard disk drive is a 10GB, or a massive 400GB any data that had been on it can be safely recovered and backed up for you.


Ilya Elbert writes for several  IT Consulting NYC and Computer Support NYC corporations.

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