How to Read Tech Specs

When it comes to tech, many of us are left in the dark as to what gadget is better than which. Reading the specs of a given device can be like reading a foreign language, so it would be nice to have more information that can actually benefit the lay person browsing for electronics. This would go a long way to assuring that each consumer gets the right product for them and their needs. And, that, after all, is the point of any business, right? To earn money by helping others. However, in lieu of this much needed advancement in customer service, here are a few tips to help you find the right gadgets for you.

First and foremost, computers specs are where most of us are going to need help. So, here we go: For starters, RAM is a spec of nebulous purpose and worth. However, RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is actually vital to a computer’s operating power and performance. It basically refers to the amount of temporary memory your computer has and needs to perform various functions. So, for instance, if your computer runs out of memory, but not storage space, this is what it’s referring to. Your activities were too much for your computer’s RAM. The more RAM, the better, but many computers don’t need any more than 4 GB.

Another area in which people may need help is looking for a good camera to further their interest in photography. Where this is concerned, a lot of it’s personal taste, but the guidelines along which you should buy your Canon camera start with whether your want an SLR or DSLR, for example, and whether or not you’ll want o use interchangeable lenses, and how much control you want over your camera’s settings.

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