How to Monitor Data Center Environment?

For data centers to perform efficiently and without problems, it is very important to maintain a stable environmental setting. Fluctuations in weather conditions such as humidity, moisture, temperature and smoke can often lead to irregular equipment issues or at times can cause complete failure.

For this reason, it is very important to closely monitor state of these conditions so as to alert staff in case if there is problem which would lead to server failure or network downtime. Being notified at correct time allows the staff to detect the issue, before it causes failure of any equipment, which saves money and lost production time in virtual data room.


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Nowadays, several companies are dependent on server rooms, virtual data rooms and data communication equipment. Businesses round the globe are now synonymous with World Wide Web, owing to the need of constantly communicating data in the effective manner world-wide, which is why it is recommended to monitor requirements of data centre environment.

Temperature Monitoring

Too high or too low temperature is not suitable for server rooms. The reason behind this is that very high temperature reduces the life of components within the equipment, whereas in low temperature staff feels uncomfortable to work in. Therefore, equipment manufacturers are right person to approach for as they recommend an optimum range of temperature that permits a buffer zone if there is any fluctuation noticed in temperature due to air conditioning failure or faults.

Maintaining Recommended Humidity Range

If humidity is too high there will be excessive moisture in the air. This will prevent data centre equipment to function properly. It may also happen that moisture will be converted into condensation leading to electrical failure or corrosion of racks/computer equipment. If humidity is too low, then it can invite static problems.

Damp and Wet Conditions

Air conditioning units which are necessary to maintain stable temperature can occasionally fail or become faulty and can result in water leaks. Therefore, it is very important to use water leak detectors in your data centre environment monitoring system as these detectors will alert staff regarding damp patches, puddles or water dripping, before it causes damage to any equipment.

Smoke Detection

It is very important to have smoke detectors in data centre or server room. As smoke is usually the first sign of warning that wiring or equipment is overheated and if left unnoticed can lead to fire. The consequences of fire would be disastrous financially and can pose great risk to the lives of staff members.

Remote Data Centre Monitoring

Nowadays, several businesses round the globe rely on their IT infrastructure, so the security factor for their racks, servers and data rooms become very critical to their continuing success. Issues such as failure of any equipment or network downtime can result into heavy losses especially in terms of money and time. To avoid such a situation, it is very important to have a fully integrated monitoring system to remotely monitor temperature of data centre.

Thus, it is very important to keep the above mentioned things in mind to ensure full safety of your data room and to prevent any type of damage to equipment or server.

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