How to Maximize Safety at Commercial Real Estate Construction Sites

Whether you are a real estate developer, a large crew’s foreperson or a solo contractor, you should care about safety on your work site. After all, time and money spent to prevent accidents can ultimately help your bottom line. Below, you will find advice for making your construction site safer.

Stay Certified

Playing an important role on a commercial construction site often requires a government-mandated certificate. On-time renewal of any certification needed for your work-site role will help you stay updated on new safety developments. It will also help you retain your commercial insurance coverage.

Maintain Your Equipment

From wire cutters to backhoes, construction site equipment is safer when it’s maintained. Periodically clean and sort every tool you use in your job. Forepersons, delegate critical tire-pressure and oil-level checking of heavy equipment to responsible crew members. Contractors, detail everything from your pliers to your vehicle every season.

Be Alert

You have heard this before, but reminders don’t hurt. Pay attention on work sites. Away from the job, get enough sleep, and eat a balanced diet. As a result, you will be more awake and effective during your workdays.

Implement Applicable Software

If you or your company draw most of your business from commercial construction projects, software tools can help you heighten on-site safety and lower costs. For example, FlashTrack by Michigan’s Facility Results provides arch flash hazard analysis that can reduce electrical-accident potential. Most jobs on today’s construction sites can benefit from modern tech’s risk-reduction capabilities.

No matter the role you play in commercial real estate construction, your career longevity can extend with heightened job safety. Follow the tips you just read, and always be open to learning about safety advancements.

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