How to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

There’s a whole host of gadgets that promise to help clean your home more easily, but it can be hard to know which will work, and which you simply do not need.

Here are some of the basics, and the things to bear in mind when choosing which to add to your arsenal of household cleaning tools.


It can seem ridiculous when you see how many different kinds of mops there are available, but they actually serve different purposes, and a good mop can make a big difference to how easy or difficult it is to do your regular cleaning.

Mops with a flat sponge head are obviously best suited to fairly flat surfaces, such as smooth tiles, and often come with a built-in squeegee action to squeeze off the excess water.


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The more traditional, tasselled style of mop head will usually need to be used with a proper mop bucket, complete with the conical drainer that helps to squeeze out any spare fluid.

With their ability to adapt to different surface textures, these types of mop are better suited to more rugged surfaces, such as outdoor bricks and block paving.

Vacuum Cleaners

Anybody who has spent any length of time using vacuum cleaners probably has a view on which is better – uprights or canister models – as the name suggests, uprights are the tall variety with a handle at the top, while canisters have a central cylindrical drum but the handle is attached directly to the hose.

Canisters are popular because the long and lightweight hose typically makes it easier to reach into awkward spaces and corners, but uprights have plenty of fans too, and received a particular revival with the introduction of bagless models and cyclone technology.

Any good-quality vacuum cleaner should be up to the task, it’s just a question of taste, but if you like a quiet life, look for models with adjustable suction, and you should be able to dial down the decibels if you’re just doing a bit of light cleaning.


Yes, believe it or not, there are plenty of different kinds of duster on the market, from humble squares of cotton cloth to versions that sound like they’ve come straight from the space programme.

Microfibre cloths promise to attract dust and dirt on to their surface using a static charge, which should make it harder to miss anything.

And if you have Venetian blinds, look out for the specialised dusters with multiple heads that slot between the slats of the blinds and polish both sides at once – these can significantly cut down on the time taken, and on the awkwardness of the process.


If you’re really serious about your spring cleaning, go industrial; drum vacuums, for instance, are high-powered variations on the canister design, and can make it much faster to suck up all of the dirt and dust without missing anything.

Carpet cleaners can be rented or bought, and add water, steam or detergent into the mix, eliminating stains and rubbed-in dirt without requiring any excess use of elbow grease.

Article by Albert Adamd

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