How to fixing Windows 10 Update Error 0xc1900200

Windows 10 is the most advanced operating system and this is having many improvements in it. But apart from its improvements for the latest version, many users are still encountering various errors while upgrading to Windows 10.

In many of my earlier article, I had discussed many commonly found upgrade errors in Windows 10. Today, Today,  I’m here with another irritating error 0xc1900200 faced by many users while upgrading to Windows 10.

fixing Windows 10 Update Error 0xc1900200. Error message.

What’s causing the Windows Update 0xc1900200 error?

  • Due to corrupted registry entries.
  • Due to the wrong installation of the update.
  • Unfinished un-installation of the software can also cause errors.
  • Inappropriate deletion of the applications.
  • Due to outdated drivers
  • Damaged Windows OS can also cause the error.

Well, these are the common reasons responsible for the error 0xc1900200.

If you can’t apply update to Windows 10 with error code 0xc1900200, you can check the fixes below to troubleshoot Windows 10 update error 0xc1900200.

Further Information and Manual Repair

Fix 1:Disconnect All USB Devices

If there is an external hard drive or other USB device is connected to your PC when updating Window, you may face the update error 0xc1900200. I received feedback from users that they encountered the same error with the USB Bluetooth receiver for a wireless mouse.  So  you’d better disconnect all the external USB devices .

Fix 2. Check the Requirements for Windows 10 Update

To get the latest Windows 10 operating system successfully, you’d better check if your computer matches the minimum requirements for Windows 10. Make sure your computer matches the hardware and software requirements of Windows 10. So you need to check whether the CPU, RAM, and system disk space on your computer meet the Windows 10 requirements.

If there is no hardware issue for affecting the Windows 10 update, it is possible that the error code 0xc1900200a is caused by the application, driver or firmware. If you cannot figure out which is preventing the Windows 10 upgrade, make sure that the disk space of system related partitions is enough and the drivers on your PC have been updated to the latest.

Fixe 3: Expanding the reserved partition

As it turns out, this particular issue can also occur due to the fact that there isn’t enough space on the system reserved partition to complete the operation. If this scenario is applicable, the operation will fail with the 0xc1900200 error due to space-related issues.

Several Windows users that also struggled with this problem have reported that they finally managed to get to the bottom of this issue by using a 3rd party tool that’s capable of expanding the system reserved partition to 350 MB. Most affected users have confirmed that the issue stopped occurring after they completed this operation.

There are two different situations that will allow you to do this.

1.using the Device Manager

2.using a 3rd party tool

In here, I’ll shows that the details guide on using the free version of Partition wizard to extend the system reserved partition:

fixing Windows 10 Update Error 0xc1900200 with Mini partition wizard

Step 1:Visit this link and click on Download Freeware to initiate the download of the free version of Partition Wizard.

Step 2: Launch Partition Wizard screen, click on Disk & Partition Management from the list of available options.

Step 3: Once you’re inside the correct section, move over to the right-hand section and right-click on the System Reserved partition. From the newly appeared context menu, choose Extend from the list of available options.

Fix 4: In the Extend partition screen, start by selecting the drive that you want to take space from by selecting the appropriate drive from the drop-down menu associated with Take Free Space from. Once the correct drive is selected, use the slider below to enlarge the System Reserved partition to at least 1 GB, then click Ok to save the changes and start the operation.

Step 5: Wait for the operation to complete, then restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved at the next system startup.

Fix 4: Perform a repair install

If the first three methods didn’t allow you to resolve the 0xc1900200 error code during the upgrading attempt with Windows Upgrade, chances are you’re dealing with some kind of system corruption issue that cannot be resolved conventionally.

In case this scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix the problem by resetting every Windows component that might be triggering this error message. When it comes to doing this, the most efficient approach is to perform a repair install (in-place upgrade).

A repair install will allow you to repair most instances of system file corruption by replacing every Windows component including booting-related processes. The major advantage is that it will do this without affecting your personal files. So you’ll be able to complete the operation while keeping your applications, games, personal media and even some user preferences.

For step by step instructions on performing a repair install, follow the step-by-step instructions included with this article. After the operation is complete, retry the upgrading procedure and see if the operation completes without the 0xc1900200 error code.

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