How to Choose the Right Television Package for Your Family

There is a trend sweeping the country called cutting the cord, which refers to people getting rid of cable television. They think they can use streaming services and the Internet to watch all their favorite programs and save money at the same time. Before you call and cancel, take a look at some of the new TV packages available in your area. With the right package, you can watch television shows and movies when you want, and you’ll still have access to games and live events. Television packages have a number of benefits over using the Internet, but you may need some help deciding which package is right for your family.

Does Your Family Stick with the Basics?

The problem with using the Internet to watch television is that not all programs are available online. You also can’t get access to local stations, which makes keeping up with the news hard. A basic package comes with local stations and just a handful of other channels. If you need more, you might opt for a basic extended package that comes with more channels like A&E and other cable networks.

Do You Want to Watch Films at Home?

If you ever sat down to watch a movie on cable television, you probably found that the channel constantly interrupted the movie with commercials. A package that comes with multiple film channels might be right for you. EPIX has a deal with several major film studios, which lets it screen top movies just a few months after those films leave theaters. You may also look at packages that include Showtime, HBO, ENCORE and other movie channels. Keep in mind that these packages often cost more than basic packages cost.

Does Your Family Want Television and High Speed Internet?

One reason many people pick Comcast or another television provider is because they want high speed Internet and television. High speed Internet lets you download videos, watch shows online, check emails, finish your shopping and do everything else you want to do faster than you thought possible. You may want to consider the speed and download limits put in place by the company in your city or state. Whether you decide to stick with cable or go with a satellite provider, make sure that the package you choose comes with everything you and your family need.

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