How to achieve High Performance delivery from your QA Testing team: An overview

QA Testing profile requires special blend of mindset and unique capabilities to think from a customer’s point of view. Delivering high performance with no escape defect is very much expected but then there are various factors that determines the success rate. High performance team is not only the collection of skills and capable member but continuous execution of strategy and plan make out to get high performance. High performance in the team is equal to contribution of each team member in term of technical and project knowledge. Each individual’s performance growth depends on the continuous motivation by the team lead or manager.

Be it a manual testing or Automation testing project, be it a publishing or a BFSI domain, you put in your best efforts to ensure 100% quality solution. If a team member performs well, and is not recognized by the Lead or Manager, his performance graph may slide down and hence his overall development would be affected adversely. Therefore reward and recognition are very important to motivate an individual. This will also encourage peers to perform well.

As a QA Test Lead, it is very important that team should be highly motivated to give their best for any project. Idea is to create an environment where resource should work freely without any pressure, at the same time they should be aware of project goals and as a tester give their best to get quality application. While you lead a team delivering software QA services, you must be aware of strengths and weaknesses of individual team member and see how we can utilize strengths to the best and overcome weaknesses. Proper training on Quality assurance and testing services, QA testing methodologies as well as sharing past experiences of software testing will help them. Involve all members while communicating with client will give them good exposure and confidence. Team members should have clarity on their roles.

Success of a QA testing or software testing project depends on how your QA testing engineers perform and how well they perform depend on how well they understand the project, their technical knowledge, work culture, team management, rewards & recognition etc.

Interestingly we thought of conducting a brief discussion; we asked one of the QA lead from an Independent software testing company that how they make sure that their team members deliver quality solutions.

She said “Being a test lead/Manager the main goal is to get high output from your team. The performance becomes stagnant after a certain period of time interval. To increase this performance you have to focus on below mentioned factors:

— Technical Knowledge: It is very important factor in achieving the high performance from team. If your team is technically strong than they could test the product directly without wasting the time in first gaining the technical knowledge of that product. For this we have to conduct technical sessions weekly or biweekly through which team would be updated with latest technologies.

— Project knowledge: To achieve the high performance from team, the team should have good project knowledge so that they can find out the best way of testing. If they don’t have the project knowledge than first they gain the knowledge and then start testing.

— Motivational Factor/ Rewards/ Praise: Motivational factor also plays a very important role in achieving the high performance of team. If you praise/reward your team member for his/her good work in front of your team than he/she will be motivated and gives their best. Also by this other team members also get motivated and performs well to gain the reward/praise.

When the same question was asked to a manager handling complex performance testing and automation testing projects with more than 30 member team, he said- “To achieve high performance delivery from team, we need to provide an environment that attracts top talent, and motivates, retains and develops workforce. We can set quarterly goals with each of our employees and provide feedback on their achievements at the end of the quarter by assigned dates. We can maintain an effective pulse on our top performers. Check in with them regularly and understand what is important to them to increase their ability to retain them at project. We can spend time with our team having fun; celebrate accomplishments, recognize the achievement of milestones and acknowledge significant personal events”

Well, we all must agree that high performance basically refers as continuous growth compared with previous cycle. Performance improvement of Team is achieved through continuous monitoring, knowledge sessions and Team Meetings. Leader should conduct regular meetings with individuals to discuss their progress and key area to be looked upon. This should be performed on regular basis.

Team meetings should be conducted to know any loop holes within the team, so that gaps can be filled and every member of the team stands on the same page. Individual who are working good should be rewarded and should be given some recognition so that other Teams mates are motivated to deliver quality work to achieve the same.

Team members should be shown a road map so that they are aware of their respective Goals and Responsibility.

Individual should be encouraged to participate in Technical training conducted at organizational level and should be motivated to deliver the same with Team. With synergism within the team leads in the growth of an individual and also creates cohesiveness in the team.

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