How Technology Is Changing The Way We Recycle

Breakthroughs in technology can rapidly alter the products that people use in everyday life. Often, these products are used and discarded, due to the inability for technology to find uses for them once they have been used. By discovering advances in the ability to recycle, we are able to achieve a higher level of sustainability within the economic and industrial processes. Old waste, materials, fuels, and even information can all be recycled in order to promote this idea.


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Organic Waste

The waste of food is an issue in today’s society. Scientists have discovered enzymes that can break down discarded food and other organic materials that can then be converted into products such as fertilizer. By enclosing and exposing it to high temperatures, farming, biochemical, and even human waste can be converted by this process. The recycling of many types of organic matter can therefore be achieved through modern technology.

Materials Reprocessing

The ability to reprocess materials has had an impact upon the ability to recycle. Many companies offer equipment that can help people to reuse old tires for various purposes, including fuels, as well as rubber based mulches and powders. This is a good option for tires, rather than having them burned.

Fuel Recycling

There is a lot of energy that is put into fueling the various vehicles of the world. The ability to recycle the fuel used for these vehicles can provide a lot of value. The waste from nuclear power plants has been something of a political issue, but the ability to recycle it allows for its use. The same is being done with common motor oil. The recycling of oil is achieved through the removal of dirt and other impurities through reprocessing it in refineries.

Personal Data

Even if they are reset to factory settings, or wiped with software, cell phone and computer data can still remain on products after they are discarded. This information is often unimportant, but there can also be financial information. Many companies have begun to offer specialty recycling programs that help to keep private information secure. While cell phone information can be kept safe by sending the old phone back to its manufacturer for recycling, a person can also obtain a specially made disk that will wipe hard drive information before the computer is sent for recycling, or donated to a charity.

By discovering these new processes people are able to innovate new fields that are even more sustainable, due to the fact that they subsist from the excesses of these types of products and the waste that they produce.

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