How Did They Build That? Surveying and Construction Gadgets That Impress

Everyday people might be amazed at their smartphones or tablets, but the construction world is even more fascinating. Buildings seem to leap out of the ground at an astounding rate today. Each building has a unique shape and design that includes every safety feature possible. Learn more about the engineering and construction world by taking a look at the technological gadgets. There are almost no limits within the engineering industry.

How Did They Build That? Surveying and Construction Gadgets That Impress 3

GPS Assistance

Nearly every step in the engineering process involves GPS coordination. The professionals use GPS to verify property borders, building dimensions and other features. Civil engineering Seattle relies on GPS so that every design fits into tight areas. The urban sprawl continues to grow.

The construction workers also use GPS to position their machines throughout a given day. They know exactly where to grade a job site so that the building can quickly rise out of the ground.

Grasping Level

Every part of a well-built building must be plumb and level. Once the engineers complete their end of the work, the construction professionals step in. They’ll use chalk lines, laser levels and other gadgets to guide their work. Every corner has a 90-degree angle with perfectly vertical walls. Buildings might be situated on a hill, but their floors are all exactly level for the comfort of everyone inside the dwelling.

Pulling Out the Engineering Expertise

Engineers must have the artistic vision to create buildings on a sheet of paper. They must also be able to use the software that brings the fine details to life. Specialized software and handheld devices make engineering come alive at any angle. Designers can change the orientation of a schematic to see the “back” of the building. In the past, they had to envision a three-dimensional object in their minds.

Engineers, surveyors and construction workers still rely on some of the old-fashioned tools too. Bubble levels, hand-drawn sketches and other tools continue to serve the industry well. When you gaze up at a building tomorrow, appreciate the thought and science that went into constructing it in the first place.

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