GPS, It is Not Just for Directions Anymore

GPS technology is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives. Like of many us, you probably already use it for driving directions to unfamiliar locations. Getting to your destination with easy to follow instructions makes things much simpler for someone who drives for a living, as well as for someone who just explores for pleasure. But, installing a new GPS system or improving your existing system can provide additional benefits that are worth the cost involved.


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GPS is Not Just for Directions Anymore

Nowadays, you can receive traffic alerts directly to your GPS device. These allow you to easily find a quicker route or detour to avoid traffic congestion, accidents, road construction, and other difficulties. It saves time and helps to eliminate stress, especially if you are on a long trip or have long commutes for work.
Today’s GPS systems relay specific directions at every step. But, did you know that GPS devices can also offer hands free calling, Bluetooth, MP-3 music, 3-D street level mapping, touch screens, real-time traffic reports, weather reports, fuel prices, and FM radio? And those features are just the beginning; there are many more features being developed, even as you are reading this article!

GPS is All Over the Place!

Like most technologies, the hardware for GPS devices has become better and smaller. Currently, GPS systems can be installed in a number of places. Most mobile phones now come with a GPS receiver installed. There are even GPS watches. GPS is used to track pets, wildlife, fleet delivery trucks, children, and stolen vehicles.

Stolen Vehicles are Recovered Faster

Incidents of vehicle theft are increasing. According to the National Insurance Crime bureau, approximately one million cars were stolen last year in the United States or one every 26.4 seconds! Only 12.4% of those were recovered. GPS will change this as it becomes more popular for use as a recovery tool for stolen cars. GPS devices are now being installed right at the factory, which should lead to a reduction in thefts and increases in recovery rates.

GPS for Business

Keeping track of mobile staff members is not an easy task. However, by using a superb GPS system, you can easily monitor employees, helping them to save time by averting traffic problems, helping them visit more customers throughout the day by improving the effectiveness of their driving routes, and even check to see if they are taking extensive breaks or arriving late for important business appointments. Managing a fleet of vehicles is challenging, and fleet management GPS devices can assist managers in cutting expenditures, improving productivity, and going green.


Most people either have heard of or use GPS navigation devices. However, GPS technology offers much more than just basic navigation. Businesses can enhance driver productivity with various GPS applications such as turn-by-turn directions and by equipping workers with mobile computers that include integrated GPS technology. These can lead to reduced costs and better output. It is recommended that you speak with a professional to discover what benefits a new GPS system can offer to make drive time less taxing, regardless of the length of the trip or the route.   


About the author:

Robert J. Hall is president of Track Your Truck, a leading provider of GPS vehicle tracking systems and software for small and midsized companies.

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