Google Takes its Prices Down on Cloud Data Storage Against Amazon

Cloud data Storage market has become one of the most competitive markets of this era, every technology expert and industry giant has put their hands in it to reap out the benefits. With every day passing, the competition is getting really tough, as the industry giants are taking every possible step to take down their competitors.

Google V/s Amazon Web Service:

Google who is known to be the industry giant is taking every possible step to take down Amazon Web Service, as it is known to be the only Cloud Data Storage service that is ruling the European market. One of the reasons for this is that Google is also looking forward to expand its market in Europe, but Google is also aware of the fact that it needs to take down Amazon Web Service first. However till now Amazon is not taking any step against Google, as Google hasn’t touched the market yet, but it is evident that Amazon will take notice as soon as Google will try to grasp the market.

How Google Playing its Cards?

Google started to reduce its cloud storage prices (up to 20%) and has added a plenty of new features to attract the target market. This thing is surely going to work on most people and they would definitely be moving towards Google for their Cloud data storage, as it has a huge name in this industry. Google has proposed this thing after Amazon’s major event in Las Vegas, which has surely shocked the audience and has forced Amazon to look deeply in Google’s marketing plan, as if they continue to do that than Amazon is surely going to lose a whole lot of its shares in Cloud data storage market in Europe, as more and more people would be interested due to Google’s name as well as the prices and features it is offering.

New Features by Google:

Following are some of the features of Google’s all new Cloud data storage:

Reduced Availability Storage:

In order to facilitate and attract users in the best possible manner, Google has introduced Durable Reduced Availability Storage, which is also referred to as D.R.A.S. This special feature allows people to only pay for the storage space that they are using, hence allowing them to save a whole lot of money. This is one of the things why D.R.A.S. has become ideal model for home as well as industry use. However this D.R.A.S. is quite slow in processing, and it takes a little more than usual time in order to process queries, hence companies can use this Cloud data storage for their data that they access quiet rarely.

Object Versioning:

Google’s Object Versioning allows people to keep proper history of all of their updates, hence allowing user to save its data from accidental overwrite.

High Memory and CPU Instance:

Google has came up with high memory and high CPU instance, which allows its users to upload heavy applications in Cloud data storage which normally need more memory and more processing power in order to update.

It is surely alarming for Amazon Web Service, and now all we have to do is to wait and watch how well Amazon can respond to Google in this regard.

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