Getting Your Boiler Ready For Winter

Winter is coming and you need to make certain your boiler is in working order before the cold hits. Covering the basic maintenance on it will prevent it from breaking down when you need it the most. Here are a few tips to keep it operational,

Inspect the Critical Parts

Look over all the critical components from the tank to the deaerator pumps to see if there are any leaks or corrosion. If you find any damage, replace these items so they can be tested when you start the boiler.

Check For Power

Flip on your boiler to see if it produces heat. If it stays off, check the fuse box to see if it has blown one. Replace the fuse if it is bad. If the fuses are intact, call an electrician because you may have a more difficult problem.

Wait For Heat

Once it is operational, make sure the tank is at least half full of water. If it has less than a tank, it can prevent the boiler from producing heat. If there is plenty of water but it is still cold, you should check the burners to make sure they work well. Another thing to check if things seem to stall would be the thermostat. If it has stopped working, it is unable to call for heat for the building. This fix can be as simple as changing batteries or as difficult as replacing the unit.

Removing the Debris

If you are still having issues with your boiler distributing heat, your boiler might need service by a professional. They can remove the deposits that have accumulated along the sides that can clog up your equipment. They will also look over any other important components to ensure they are fine. You will need to empty your boiler then call them for help.

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