Getting Equipment for Your Towing Business

Tow truck drivers do a lot more than just tow away vehicles. They also are called upon to unlock cars in emergencies.

When you want to add lockout services to your own towing business, you might need to stock up on gear like a GPS finder, locksmith tools and supplies , and more crowbars. You can find the gear you need for this purpose when you shop on the website today.

Car Door Openers

Chances are when clients call you for help they do not expect you to break the windows in order to get inside of their cars. They expect you to use other means to breach the doors and get them open.

The website sells a variety of tools that can be used solely for this purpose. For example, when you want to avoid breaking the lock and damaging the doors, you could use an inflatable vehicle entry tool. This tool protects the lock and door while still allowing you to jimmy both of them open.

You also could use a wedge set to gain entry to the car. The wedge set lets you pry open the lock without breaking the door handle or its locking mechanisms. The set is made out of plastic, which will not scratch the paint or otherwise damage the vehicle. You can find both options for sale on the website.

Other Tools

The website also has other tools you can choose to keep in your tow truck for this service. For example, a universal key could help you unlock any vehicle regardless of the make or model.

Likewise, you might use jimmying rods that let you slide them in between the window and lock to get the car door open. The rods are built for endurance and will not break when you are using them.

You can expand your business by adding lockout services to your towing venture. You can find tools that let you get into any make or model of vehicle when you shop on the website today. These tools are durable and versatile to use.

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