Getting a super computer

Thou laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs are cool and good when you travel for games and new applications I prefer the desktop computer when I’m home.

The main problem with a desktop computer is that it is not super portable, but this type of computers deliver extreme computing power.


If you need speed for playing games and using the latest software applications then a desktop computer is the smart choice. A desktop computer delivers real power. They use the fastest processors, have the space for installing GBs of RAM memory and the space for placing extra HDDs. Also desktop computers use powerful graphic cards which is great in games and visual applications.

The most important part of a desktop computer is the the motherboard. You must use a good quality motherboard if you want to enjoy a hi computing speed. To get extreme computing speeds the motherboard must provide all the advanced overclocking features users have come to know and love. It is easy to find a good motherboard online. All you have to do is to search for Motherboard Bundles

When it comes to features no portable device can beat a desktop because you need space to add extra RAM, one or even two graphic cards and extra HDDs.

The portable devices such as laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs do offer power for everyday computing tasks, but this electronics are designed to operate on battery and to preserve it’s life, so these devices use as little power as they can to be able to work for longer.

Desktops on the other hand are not designed to conserve energy instead they are made to be super fast.  

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