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Telltale Games has recently teamed up with HBO to create a video game version of the acclaimed TV show “Game of Thrones”. It looks like the game is programmed for release sometime this year; however that’s about all we know thus far. Telltale Games is an independent digital publisher behind other famous video games such as “The Wolf Among Us” and “The Walking Dead”.


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The “Game of Thrones” video game – an overview

For more information, make sure to check out the teaser trailer of the upcoming video game released during the Video Game Awards, on Spike TV. Don’t get your hopes up as it doesn’t disclose too many details. Rumor has it that the Game of Thrones video game will run in tandem with the show rather than proceed as a prequel. CEO of Telltale Games, Dan Connors, mentioned in a Digital Trends interview that the Game of Thrones video game will not be a prequel; although the show features a timeline, the game version will be slightly different.

Just like Telltales’ version of the famous TV show “The Walking Dead”, it looks like we’ll see the action unfurl at the surface of Westeros’s main characters. There’s a lot going on in the show because each and every decision taken by King Joffrey can have a great impact on a lot of people. Game of Thrones is a beautiful interpretation of George R.R. Martin’s masterpiece, so a video adaption shouldn’t be so bad after all.

Gameplay – what should players expect?

Dan Connors keeps on emphasizing that the video game will have a lot of action in it, and that Telltale will make use of the fiction presented in the show to come up with something spectacular. At the moment, the developers are thinking about characters, and they’re really trying to make a video game that will have an impact on all Game of Thrones fans. The gameplay will seem familiar but Telltale promises to feature massive battles in the video game.

The Game of Thrones video game will have a similar format to some other previous offerings of Telltale. Let’s put it this way: you should expect a gameplay driven by a massive story, plenty of freedom for players to take their own decisions (bad and good), and an overall interactive action. Telltale Games makes a huge promise though – they mentioned that the battle scenes will abound in the video game. Get your weapons ready.

In-game predictions

We don’t have an official release date for the Game of Thrones video game, not even a properly laid out trailer yet. Whether Telltale will launch it this year or not, we’ll see. Until then, here are some in-game predictions we think the video game should include:

· The Seven Kingdoms – let’s hope the developers will make an accurate video game with obvious aspects from the TV show; territories like The Wall, Oldtown, the Citadel, and Winterfell should definitely be included in the game.

· The timeline – apart from an overwhelming battle between houses, Telltale should mind the timeline and set the game in a proper period (Aegon’s Landing, Robert’s Rebellion).

· Character diversification – players of the Game of Thrones video game should be able to mold their characters after their own preferences.

Now that we know for sure that there will be a Game of Thrones video game launched soon, we cannot help but wonder if HBO made the right call when they teamed up with Telltale Games. We’ll just have to wait patiently for the game to be out to make a thorough analysis.

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