Game Enthusiasts Welcome The Nintendo DS Lite

Are you an avid fan of Nintendo? Then you will be pleased to know about the launch of the brand new gaming device Nintendo DS Lite. Its features are immensely powerful and it provides ample of entertainment. It can be said that the company of Nintendo has really broken its barrier this time. The quintessential features of this new gaming product are:

ü Ultra bright dual display of Screen.

ü Available in diverse designs.

ü Innovative touch screen technology.

ü Wifi Connection.

ü Microphone port for voice commands and

ü Stereo rich sound.

What Lies Beneath The DS Lite

· The DS lite is essentially programmed with the r4 card 3ds which is yet another technical innovation. It supports the recent Nintendo 3DS console.

· You can Install your data up to 32 GB into one memory card, and for playing the console, slot the card into the R4 3ds.

· Are you wondering about its features? You can get your favorite DS lite in diverse designs. Its lower part is created for placing your fingers, and also there is a bended plastic material tab attached to the arm strap.

· The innovative feature of touch screen will allow the user to intermingle in the game. He would be able to communicate with the chatting software, without pushing the buttons for typing the sentence.

· The player can communicate, and even draw which would make the experience more exciting.

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Avid Gaming Partner

Nintendo lite would soon become your gaming partner, especially during the long travel hours. It has the original 1 gigabyte of memory card to store all your favorite games. The device comes with a long lasting battery, which would ease your worry for charging or changing the power. The player can exceed his playing limit to ten hours. It won’t affect the battery level. The cost of this device is 80 to 100 dollars.

The inbuilt speakers have a stereo system affixed which gives more than one visual channel audio, located on the sides of the screen. At the left-end you can see the microphone, which is yet another additional feature. The right hand side of ds lite has the on /off button. Make sure you charge the device, so that you can turn it on.

Game Lovers Goodluck

DS lite also makes the use of r4 card dsi. It uses the wooden cover and is perfect for the consoles like DS lite, 3ds XL, 3ds and dsi. You can buy the device from any country, be it US, Japan or Europe, it works and fits on all. For the game lovers the Game boy game is available in the DS lite. If you are not so keen on the special features offered by the other devices, you can purchase this game for pure entertainment. For playing the games like guitar Hero: on Tour, the player needs to install the colored keys set in the cartridge slot of the DS Lite.

Device Accessories

The accessory for this gaming device is more or less similar, with its earlier formation Nintendo DS. The items comprises of AC power charger and lithium ion battery, which makes the device run for 12 to 15 hours. You can buy the device, the accessories and the gaming card from at a reasonable price. The delivery would be in time and smooth. You can also download the r4 card software, in order to run your device.

Countries like Australia, South Korea, Europe, North America and Japan have welcomed the DS lite with its innovative features, which offers more options to enhance the gaming experience of the players.

Daniel Clark, an online dealer of Nintendo devices, as well as different gaming cards like r4 card 3ds presents us with the valuable information of Nintendo DS lite, the innovative device for the game lovers.

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