Fresh Technology to Improve Your Business

Technology for both home and business crosses over frequently. Technology is always being improved upon to make running a business or even just daily life easier in the long run. Take a look at these new technologies that can save you money and improve your business with ease.

Fresh Technology to Improve Your Business

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was once considered only for personal use. Smart phones allowed users to save photos, music. and videos to a cloud source over the internet. Businesses have now begun to use cloud computing for storage, but it’s used instead to transfer important files to work associates and business partners. Co-workers can also collaborate and work simultaneously on crucial documents.

Not only do work associates have a place to save and share documents, there are now software programs that allow co-workers to work on the same document in real time. They are each able to see changes in a document as they happen. They can communicate either through messaging on the computer, or by phone and have remote viewing of the document being altered.

Voice-enabled Technologies

Voice enabled technologies that help consumers dial a phone number, or change the channel on a car radio are being brought into homes and businesses. In a home, they are more prevalent since voice activated technology is part of a smart home existence and has been available for a number years. Voice control technology in the workplace can help with typing long documents, and it’s being utilized by more and more doctors who dictate directly into a program that transfers the data into patient’s records.

There is a high learning curve with voice-enabled technology, so businesses might want to give it some time before they think about tossing their keyboards in the trash. Anyone who has used voice technology knows it can make critical errors in recognizing speech patterns. It will take time to learn but may well be worth it in the long run as it increases typing speed.

Touch Tech

Touch screens which were once exclusively for smart phones are being integrated into business technology. Touch boards are often being used in place of white boards for high-tech presentations. Touch pads are fast becoming the new keyboards of today. Some companies even use this technology for their own security. Atlanta home automation systems have become advanced enough to show in real time the cameras that are working to protect a business location. A professional at Vivint in Bakersfield CA says that the newest security systems can work from a touchscreen smartphone to keep your security at your fingertips.

A completely high-tech, automated business world isn’t too far in the future. While some of the technologies are expensive, as generations of the products are produced, the prices will lower significantly. Even small businesses will be able to take advantage of the emerging technology in the near future.

By Brooke Chaplan

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