Four Ways to Market Your Tech Start-up

With as many tech businesses that are out there, it can often be hard to differentiate yourself from the competition. However, it is that difference that can likely mean the difference between success and failure with your tech business. It is important to be able to market yourself in unique ways that will make you the first company on your customers minds. Here are four ways to market your tech start-up and stay ahead of the competition.

Four Ways to Market Your Tech Start-up

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Free Press

Getting free press and coverage is a great way to go for getting marketing coverage. You can contact local newspapers or even your neighborhood newsletter to see if they will run a story on your company. Or if you think you have something the whole world needs to see, then consider contacting a major company that has millions of viewers. Keep in mind that you can’t control what the press will say about you, but some people will argue that any press is better than no press at all. Therefore, getting free press coverage is a great idea for tech start-ups.


It only makes sense that a tech company would market online. However, sometimes this seems so obvious that I can be overlooked. Instead, tech star-ups should prove that they have the knowledge and wherewithal to be a legit contender with marketing online. You should not only have a large presence online, but you should also have attractive websites, social media pages and more. And most importantly, you should push your customers towards those outlets as often as you can.

Promotional Products

Giving away free stuff will keep you at the front of your customers minds, while also making them a bit giddy in the process. After all, everyone loves free stuff. You can find promotional customizable bags at that allows you to put your company name on it. And if you are a tech start-up, it only makes sense that you’d have tech related promotional products as well. One example is laptop bags like those at Whatever you decided to do for a promotion, your customers will probably be happy to be getting free stuff.

Mobile Application

Have you ever considered how a mobile application could help your company? Chances are, it could be a great option. A mobile application can work in a variety of ways. Whether it offers news and information about your site, discounts and deals, or simply a lineup of whatever services you offer. There are tons of ideas how to utilize a mobile application, and this becomes an increasingly popular option as more people have smart devices.

Marketing your tech start-up is something you must do if you hope to survive. And if you’re confused on how to do so, consider the hints on this list. They’ll keep you active and relevant in the tech market, so that you can attract even more customers.

By Marlena Stoddard

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