Four Upgraded Gadgets That Have Changed How You Live

Technology is the master of our lives and continues to improve and offer new gadgets that have changed our lifestyle. Without some form of technology in our homes, life can be made more difficult and complex. Breakthroughs in technology have made life easier by saving time and frustration with tasks that are sometimes rooted in tradition. Here are four examples of upgraded gadgets that will improve any lifestyle in the home and sometimes office.

Four Upgraded Gadgets That Have Changed How You Live

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The new innovations in smartphone technology have branched out to include a myriad of features that can multitask like never before. Smartphones are not simple two-way communication devices anymore. They are full-blown managers, able to message instantly, collect news feeds, surf the web, respond to emails and hookup to WiFi signals, maps and GPS. Depending upon the program and the features of the smartphone, some have the capability to remotely control systems within a household, like security lighting and detection systems and other timer-operated devices. Company executives find that smartphones are the answer to business on the go, when they can instant message employees and prospective clients and relay pertinent information or instructions.

Home Automation

You can now be connected to your home on a whole new level. With home automation you can now fully grasp what condition your home is on by combining it with your smartphone. You can fully arm your home’s security features, lock the doors and even turn power off to certain plugs. Home automation has even taken a further step and you can now control the thermostat and turn lights on and off. The gadgets that make this possible give you full control of where you live and completely change the way you live.

Portable Washers and Dryers

Many people are regulated to the task of using Laundromats on a regular basis. There are now small compact portable washers and dryers that can process five-pound loads and use a fraction of the energy required of full-sized models. The dryer models use a high-rate spin of 3,200 rpm and can cut drying time by three minutes. Some models are foot and hand-powered which saves 100 percent on electricity bills. They are highly portable, allowing them to be taken on vacation and used as often as needed. For a great selection of washer and dryer systems, contact a company like Atlas Appliances for a full list of featured washers and dryers.


Tablets are a perfect compromise between E-Readers and laptop computers. They allow complete access to the Internet, able to surf the net, answer and create emails and provide open communication to family, friends and businesses worldwide. They mirror the tasks performed by a personal assistant, allowing photo and text storage, in addition to acting as an entertainment or research tool. Highly portable and easily charged, they can be used in homes, businesses and remote locations.

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