Four Major Ways Technology Has Changed The Way We Live At Home

Since the explosion of technology, the way we live our lives at home has drastically changed. Just a few short decades ago, people still watched movies on VHS players, and you had to actually call or stop by the restaurant to order takeout. Following are four major ways in which technology has altered home life.

Four Major Ways Technology Has Changed The Way We Live At Home

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Added Security and Peace of Mind

Robberies and home invasions are not a new concept; however, technology has provided new means to counterattack. Vivint Security offers homeowners added peace of mind when it comes to the protection of their home and loved ones. From window or door sensors and touchscreen panels to motion detectors and more, burglars will think twice before infiltrating the perimeter.

Social Networking

Not too long ago, living long distances from close friends and family members could put quite a dent in the budget. Phone calls had to be brief to avoid hefty long distance charges. Today, with innovations such as Facebook and Twitter, people can stay in touch on a daily basis simply using an Internet connection. Best of all, sites such as Skype even allow people at long distances the chance to see their loved ones while talking free of charge.

Online Recipe Storage

We all knew someone who had a recipe box full of family secrets that had been passed down, and, unfortunately, this led to limited exposure to new, exotic foods. With today’s technology, we have access to the family recipes of people across the globe, providing a quick and simple way to introduce new, delicious foods to the family every day of the week.

Study Tools

Few things are more frustrating for children than coming home to realize they need help with their homework that their parents cannot provide them. After all, some of the material they are covering may have been a subject the parent hasn’t been exposed to in decades. With technology, however, this barrier is easily crossed with a few clicks of a mouse. Search engines such as Google can quickly get exasperated students to the guidance they need to enhance their educational experience.

As technology continues to advance every day, we can only guess the types of conveniences we will see in the future. As for now, people are still wrapping their minds around the possibilities and trying to keep up with the ones in the pipeline.

By Hannah Whittenly

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