Four Great Gadgets That Will Save You Both Time and Money

The world of technology becomes more and more connected each day. The so-called "internet of things" is spreading, with home automation is on the rise. With that in mind, the following are four gadgets that anyone can use to save both time and money.

Four Great Gadgets That Will Save You Both Time and Money

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Nest Learning Thermostat

Few things are more power-hungry in the modern home than central heat and air systems. To help lower those costs without decreasing comfort, Nest Labs released the Nest Learning Thermostat. This thermostat uses multiple sources of data (such as user history, local weather data, energy cost, etc) to make sure a home’s indoor temperature remains comfortable, yet only allowing the heating and cooling systems to run when absolutely needed. This limits any potential overuse and lowers the risk of equipment running when it isn’t needed.


Connected outlets and switches, such as the WIMO brand from Belkin, are bringing home automation to all consumers. These devices connect to the WIFI in the home and can be accessed by almost any device. The WIMO outlets can turn appliances and lights on or off from your phone, as well as provide alerts when energy usage levels hit certain thresholds. These important features allow homeowners to save money and allow them control over what is running and what is not.


For many, having a green lawn is a source of pride. However, the constant attention required to keep it well-watered can be overwhelming. The RainMachine, a WIFI-enabled irrigation controller, was created to do the thinking for you. The RainMachine uses data from NOAA to determine when, exactly, would be best time to water your yard. No longer will you have water build up from the sprinkler s turning on after you get a good shower. This automated watering helps keep your water usage down, as well as keeping standing water from building up.

Smart Meters

Lastly, smart meter devices can give a homeowner live stats on how much electricity or water they are using. These are especially handy in that they can be set to alert you one usage hits certain levels, allowing leaks and other problems to be found before they start to drain wallets.

With the advances provided by having connected thermostats, outlets, switches, timed lawn irrigation and real time metering, homeowners can rest easy knowing these devices are working hard to save them money.

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