Five Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Website Noticed


If you have a website, you want people to find it. The world of Internet marketing and SEO is a complex and ever-changing landscape of strategies, tips and tricks. How do you find the best ones? Instead of worrying about the details right now, start with these basic tips and tricks.

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1. Maintain Content Production

One of the keys of SEO, and one of the keys to attracting regular users, is a constant flow of content. When you update more frequently, the search engines index your site more often, and you receive a higher boost to your rankings. Higher rankings mean more people see and visit your site.

2. Care about Design

When you attract users, you want them to be able to explore your site and find what they might be interested in reading. If you don’t have an attractive site with easy navigation, you’re wasting the content your users can’t find. Professional design firms like can help design a site from the ground up, or consult with your current design to reach as many users as possible.

3. Spread the Word

If you don’t work to advertise yourself, you’ll never attract new visitors. Link your website in your signature, hand out business cards to everyone you meet, get active in social media and ask other industry professional about guest blogging. The more active you are in the industry, the more people will start to look to you as an authority.

4. Don’t Forget Keywords

The core of SEO is a focus on keywords, and you can’t let them languish unattended. Do some industry research and determine what keywords have high traffic and low competition. The sooner you can find your niche, the sooner you can tailor your content to that niche to attract people. There are literally hundreds of tools available online to help with keyword research, and your consultant from step two can probably help.

5. Analyze, Adapt, Iterate

Every step of the way, analyze you incoming traffic. Make mention of the changes you make and note the effects they have. If something works, change your strategy to focus on it. If something doesn’t, adapt to pull away from it. Release small iterations of your site to improve it for users and web crawlers.

Once you’ve implemented these tips, you’re well on the way towards a top-ranking, high profile website. Keep up the good work and you’ll have plenty of time to work in more detailed strategies as time goes on.

Article by Hannah Whittenly

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