Five Specs We Really Want To See From Apple’s iTV

The fact that Apple is working on a TV related product isn’t much of a surprise. What some may not know is that the company has already released a set top box called the Apple TV. However, adoption of the device has been limited and the company hasn’t been aggressively promoting it. Rather, it was focusing on products that make use of mobile internet services, like the iPhone and iPad.

Apple TV

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But there are now rumors that Apple is working on releasing its first actual television, the iTV. Some have even said that they have seen working prototypes of it. When it comes to a television made by Apple, what do consumers expect from it? Here are a couple of things:

Easy Integration With Other Apple Devices

Many of those who would purchase the Apple iTV when it comes out would probably already own another Apple device, like the iPhone or iPad. Users would probably want the iTV to be able to interact well with these devices. For example, one could want to use their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a remote control, or use the TV to display pictures and video that are stored on another device.

Voice Control With Siri

Controlling a TV with voice commands may have sounded like a futuristic dream a decade ago, but now that voice commands are available on numerous mobile devices, it would simply seem logical that an iTV would feature Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant that changed how we interact with our iPhones.

A Wide Range of Apps

Apple’s television is expected to run on a modified version of iOS, so it’s quite likely that it will support apps. There is a lot of potential for apps that would work with an internet-enabled television. You could have apps that let you instantly check movie reviews or share what you are watching with friends. While Apple has never been a company that is too strong on video games, there could be many new games released for it, allowing the iTV to be used as a gaming console.

Easy Access to Online Content

With tv on demand services growing increasingly popular, many hope that the iTV will allow users to instantly stream their favorite TV shows and programs straight to the device.

Great Picture Quality

Apple has received praise for its Retina display, used on the iPad and some of the newer Macs. This makes users expect that the iTV will have an excellent picture quality, which will rival some of the top TVs on the market.

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