Five great features of the android 4.2 tablet

Most tech savvy people know that currently the android 4.2 tablet is actually the latest version of all tablet operating systems buzzing in the market. People who are used to other brands are discovering that the latest arrival has so many features that make owing one among the best things anyone can aspire for. Perhaps it is in order for us to consider at least five of the greatest features that it comes with which every user will fall in love with as we await the next hot item on the market. The following are the cool features you want to experience by using one:


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Gesture typing: This is an extremely powerful keyboard feature where you don’t really have to tap the keypads; it recognizes what you want to type as you simply swipe your fingers softly over the keyboard. While some people may find it a little tough at the beginning, it only takes a little while before you get used to the feature and once you are done you will discover how fast and convenient it can become. This feature which is available through Google Play is preinstalled so you have no business installing anything new on your tablet.

Photo sphere: This is another extremely hot item in the Android 4.2 tablet. The camera is so powerful it allows you to take panorama photography to an exciting new level. This is because you can actually take pictures at a scenic 360 degrees. It also comes with on screen hints and instructions that allow you to properly align your shot; you can also add views from below and above your view point, bringing your picture taking to a completely new level. After that photo has been taken, it will take just a little while before the app renders the final picture and after that you can easily share it on Google+.

Daydream screensavers: You love madly fall in love with the screensaver which can easily be activated using the display settings page of the operating system. This allows you to select an animated screen saver that shows whether your tablet is on the dock or charging. The screensavers may include standard features such as a clock, the Google current feeds you have chosen or a collection of images from your personal gallery. The most interesting thing about the Daydream feature of the screensaver is its ability to get incorporated into different third party features.

Multiple accounts: The Android 4.2 tablet is one gadget you will definitely share with your spouse or your kids and, as such, the addition of multiple user accounts is definitely a powerful addition. You don’t have to trouble yourself looking for it because it is securely kept under the Settings, then you look for the Users and others feature from where you can set up all the accounts you want to set up. The feature allows you to set up to eight different accounts with everyone having the ability to get their own personalized android experience; from home screen set ups, wall paper, installed apps and widgets.

Lock screen widgets: Widgets are an integral part of the Android 4.2 tablet and anyone can easily extend their use on the home screen and lock screen. The gadget has 5 Android widgets that are easily added that include a clock, Gmail, messages and one that gives uses instant access to the camera.

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