Five Awesome Gadgets To Trick Out Your Home

In years past, the trend has been to trick out your truck or car, then your iPhone or tablet. Now, the “tricked out” trend has come a little closer to home – and actually IS your home. Set your home apart from all the rest with five awesome gadgets meant to make guests’ jaws drop in awe.

Five Awesome Gadgets To Trick Out Your Home

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#5 Home Automation System

A home automation system is a must-have accessory for any tricked out home. With a single remote, you can control everything from your system for home security in Fayetteville NC to the lights inside your (obviously) super cool fish tank. Turn on the sound system, crank up the TV, and put down the blinds from the comfort of your couch.

#4 All-In-One Light Switch

Turn lights in other rooms off and on like magic with a single controller. The floor plan light switch allows you to control the lights in any room of the home. The control pad is actually a layout of the floor plan of your home. Touch the kitchen area and make the lights go on or off as you go for a midnight snack, or set the bedroom for some mood lighting.

#3 Self-Cleaning Door Handles

Keep your home a little bit cleaner with the self-sterilizing door handle. Whenever the door is not in use, it is lightly heated by a UV lamp that kills germs that hide out in wait for an unsuspecting victim.

#2 Portable Fireplace

Set the mood in any room of the home without the mess of a traditional fireplace by lighting a fire in a tube. Electrolux makes a small fireplace in what appears to be a ceramic column. However, once the fire is on, the column transforms into a clear showpiece that can be taken easily from room-to-room.

#1 The Ultimate Television

When it comes to televisions, you can’t go wrong with a transparent TV. This fairly new technology blows the 3-D TVs your friends might have splurged on at income tax time completely out of the water. It looks like a plain sheet of thick glass mounted on your entertainment center, but with the flick of a remote control button turns on and shows of a stunning, high quality LCD display.

If you can afford to outfit your home with one of these things, you can prepare for the “oohs” and “aahs” of visitors. If you can afford them all, prepare your guests for a devastatingly good time, and prepare to safeguard your stuff. Look into Vivint Rochester NY to make sure all of your high tech gadgets are safe and sound.

Article by Madyson Grant

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