Finding the Future With Technology That Will Blow You Away

Some days it feels as if our technology is surpassing our own lifestyles. The Internet alone has vastly changed generations and lifestyles. Today’s new technology continues to advance and make our lives more convenient. Take a peek at a few of the newest technology and be amazed at where our advancements have brought us.

Finding the Future With Technology That Will Blow You Away

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GPS Windshield

New technologies promise to bring GPS into new parts of out lives. Garmin’s got a new system for projecting the info right on your windshield, and Google’s new Glass will project it right in front of your eye! Garmin has long been known for its GPS systems. Now, it has come up with a way for almost any motorist to enjoy a heads-up display that projects key data on the windshield in front of the driver. For years, built in heads-up displays have been an expensive option in luxury vehicles like Cadillacs. Now, for less than a couple of hundred dollars, Garmin’s futuristic technology brings the concept to virtually every vehicle. Plus, Garmin will offer, for an extra charge, both regional and national maps for the system. Now, you can navigate to the next fondue party by looking at graphics projected right on your windshield.

Glass GPS

Google will employ the projected image in its new Google Glass. However, instead of projecting the image on your windshield, Glass will project it right in front of your eye. That’s right, Google Glass displays an image in the upper field-of-view of the right eye. The image resolution is anticipated to be 640×320 pixels. Google suggests that it will be like viewing a 25-inch TV screen from about 8-ft away. Sound will be transmitted to the user in a rather exotic way, using bone conduction transfer. One’s skull basically intercepts sound waves that get transported to your ears. It is, in fact, a proven way to successfully transmit sound. The big advantage? No headphones needed!

More Glass Tech

Like Garmin, Google addresses the GPS market. However, Glass will offer GPS only when it is linked to an Android phone using the MyGlass App. Advances in voice recognition technology in the past few years make Google Glass that much more functional. With voice commands, internet searches on the fly become possible. Check your e-mails, and compose yours to send. There’s even a language translation function. to help one to communicate with those more exotic guests at the next big event.

Create videos, or capture stills via voice command, or by using the touch-pad on the eyeglass arm. You can even do video conference with friends, showing them what you are looking at. That might be a cool idea if you’re in your sitting in one of those customizable hot tubs and you want to share the view! The five megapixel camera films at 720 dpi, so there’s plenty of resolution to grab the highlights of the party.

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