Explainer Videos: Definition and Implementation

And explainer video can be defined as a 1-2 minute video that is utilized to introduce a new product or company while answering a few essential questions. The explainer video should explain what the product is and the reasons the viewer should want the product. An explainer video uses visuals in a casual and fun manner to get the product or company’s message across to the viewer. The explainer video should get the viewer’s attention and keep them interested throughout.

With so many new things and content that is being created daily on the internet, it is vastly important that as a business, you set yourself apart from everyone else. For this reason, explainer videos have become very popular among companies of all sizes. Explainer videos are a great way to get your message across in a fun and engaging way that allows viewers to engage in the marketing process in a whole new way. Read further for some reasons that support how you can implement explainer videos for marketing purposes.

Keeping the viewer’s attention

The average person’s attention span is approximately 8 seconds. With the growing amount of advertisements online, it is important for your explainer video to be intriguing and keep the viewer’s attention. It has been proven that people are more likely to maintain their attention to a video rather than reading text. This can be an advantage in your marketing strategy by using explainer videos. It means you are taking the extra steps that other businesses are not, and going the extra mile to insure that the viewer stays in tune with your advertisement.

Increases the likelihood of your video being viewed across the web

A well-designed and thought out explainer video can catch on in the viral world very quickly. If your explainer video becomes well liked and popular with viewers, they will in turn share the video on the web in various forms, such as social media, personal web pages, email, etc. This increased viewing of your explainer video can give you the edge you need for marketing your product. The more the explainer video is shared, the more people will view it and understand and know your product better. This could lead, and usually does in these situations, to a higher rate of sales and can increase your overall business. Therefore, it is important to hire the right professional to create the perfect explainer video for your company, so that it catches on and is spread to more people, thus increasing your sales.

There are also other ways to use explainer videos other than for sales reasons. For example, companies who want to market themselves but do not offer products, such as charities, can use explainer videos to explain the purpose of their charity and what they do. This type of explainer video can also be shared throughout the web among many individuals, and lead to an increase in awareness for that particular charity, and also for the cause that the charity supports.

As you can see, explainer videos are a great way to communicate your business’ purpose, whatever that might be. Technology is the future of all successful businesses and it is important to stay on top of what is new in the marketing world as far as technology is concerned. Infographic World for more information on how to use explainer videos.

Michelle has several years of experience in advertising and she has seen the recent increase in the use of explainer videos, as well as their success.

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