Experience Matters

In the world today, experience can be seen as many as extremely important in terms of being successful in life and in a number of different occupations. In fact, some may see experience as more important that education or other types of knowledge. While there is debate on what is most important, the role of experience cannot be overlooked.

Learning and Experience

One of the biggest difficulties that teachers can have when they begin to teach is to recognize that not all their students learn the same way. Some students learn best by hearing. For them, students learn well when they hear their instructor speak on a certain subject. For other students, they learn best by seeing the subject matter in front of them. They may not know how to do a math problem as a lecture is given, but they understand what to do when they see their instructor work out several problems on a board or on an overhead projector. Another group of students learns best by experiencing. These students may hear countless lectures on algebra and may see countless problems solved in front of the class. However, they have not learned the subject material. Although they have been taught algebra, they actually learn how to do it when they work it out with a pen and paper. They need to experience it in order to learn it. While this type of learning cannot always be done, it can be of great help when people can actually experience what they need to do.

Experience in Action

There are a number of professions that offer professionals invaluable training in order to give them valuable experience when they need it most. People may think of military training where various personnel go through exercises of events that could happen in the world. There are hospitals and medical units that experience mock emergencies in order for people to understand what happens during a time of extreme crisis. Firefighters experience real fires under a controlled environment. In fact, there is mobile live fire training available that can give firefighters the experience that they need if a real event were to occur.

Experience cannot be purchased. It has to be done by each individual. Although there is a cost in terms of price, preparation and time, the results can be quite invaluable. Lives can be saved because of experience that was received.

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