Ethernet Cables

The Ethernet cables are used in home and offices for networking purposes. They are considered the best option for transferring data between computers because they work on hi speeds (up to 1000 mps).


A lot of people are wondering what is the maximum cable length which can be used without loosing speed. Good quality Ethernet Cables can work without problems  at lengths up to 100 meters even more if you invest in a top quality model. In some offices 300 meters cables are used without problems.


Outdoor use

Some cables are made only for indoor use, but in the last months there were manufactured cables which can be successfully used outdoors. However outdoors cables tend to cost more. So if you need an Ethernet cable to use it outside there are solutions.

Speed. Cat5e and Cat6

The most usual cables are Cat5e and Cat6. The difference between them is speed: Cat5e is capable of speeds up to 100 mbs whilst Cat6 is capable of speeds up to 10000 mbs.

So if you need speed the Cat6 is the solution.

Shopping and price info

Most well supplied computers and electronics retailers have Ethernet cables in stock. However I prefer to shop online because I can easily compare prices and it is more comfortable. Also, usually online I find the best prices.

A quality Ethernet cable like 150 foot Cat5e usually costs over $100. For Cat6 and longer models you can expect to pay more.

One advice: chose genuine products because the cheap fakes will have a short life.

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