Eliminate the Clutter: Streamline The Technology In Your Life

Smart Phones. Tablets. Laptops. Consoles. Companies have produced gadgets designed to simplify every area of your life, entertain you every second, and maximize all of the time in your day. However, with all of the inventions and must-have items, you’ve probably done a lot of accumulating and not a lot of discarding. It may already have reached a point where your productivity is actually going down as a result of owning so many devices. Lets look at some ways to simplify what you have around the home, and keep only what you really need.

Down with the Desktop

By removing your home computer in favor of a laptop or even a tablet, you might wind up being more productive when you’re actually home, accomplishing tasks around the house, reading, or getting a good night’s sleep instead of sitting at a desk incessantly checking email and social media. In a recent study, 50 percent of participants checked their email at least once an hour, and in some cases as much as 20-30 times an hour, even if there’s nothing new to see. By removing a desktop, you may be removing a big stationary distraction in your home.

Lose The Landline

Americans are dropping their home phones in increasing numbers. In data released last year, it was revealed that 38 percent of adults live in wireless-only households, up 11 percent from 3 years earlier. In cases of emergency, carriers continue to get better at pinpointing your exact location when calling 911 from a cell phone. And by dropping the landline, you also drop all of the telemarketers and robo-calls that come with it.

Turn off the Television

As the internet has evolved, it’s actually become less and less important to own a television. Every show you watch is now available on the network’s website, or on a paid site where you can stream any episode from any device. More and more channels are developing app’s so you can watch their shows, or live sporting events, from anywhere, even on your phone. It raises the question, "why pay so much every month for a cable bill when you get the same services from devices you own already?"

Get Rid of the Games

Video game technology evolves quickly, and before you know it, your living room is filled with old systems and outdated hardware that you probably use less and less frequently. In order to remove technological clutter and get back something in return, you can trade in video games for cash. Plus, the sooner you trade games in, the more value they’ll have as well before becoming totally out-of-date.

By Savannah Coulsen

In conclusion, here are 2 important questions to ask yourself when deciding what to keep and what to get rid of: Do you really use it? Will holding onto it make you happier or more productive? Best of luck in your quest to simplify!

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