Drop-Proof: The Best Accessories for Protecting Your Gadgets

Portable gadgets allow people to take their electronics everywhere they need to go. You can take your cell phone, your tablet, and your laptop everywhere you need to go. Don’t forget the e-reader for your downtime. The bad part about dragging around your electronics is that you’re at risk for dropping and breaking them.

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There are many different tablet cases that will offer protection. Tablet cases are a little easier because you don’t need to worry about the screen being available all of the time. As long as the tablet fits inside, it will likely protect it. Some cases are cloth and zip up around the tablet. These offer a lot of cushion, and even pockets to keep small papers, a stylus, and other things you may need. You can even zip up your money and your driver’s license and nix your wallet altogether.

Other tablet cases come in rubber. The rubber will offer bounce protection, keeping your tablet safe from cement. When buying a case, just make sure it fits snugly around your tablet so it doesn’t bounce around inside.


There are many different cases that you can use for your smartphone. One type that is popular with active and outdoorsy people is the LifeProof line. LifeProof cases are rugged device protectors that come in many different designs. Whether you find yourself on a river rafting adventure or hiking in the high desert, a LifeProof case will keep your phone in one piece. Even if your adventures are made possible by strict budgeting, with a LifeProof coupon code you can outfit your phone with the best protection possible without breaking the bank.


Laptops are expensive. It’s dangerous to just carry your laptop around out in the open. One small drop and it could wind up in pieces. There are many different types of cases you can buy for your laptop. Chunky, leather, messenger-bag style cases work well. They offer a lot of padding for your laptop if it drops. If you want even more protection, you can buy laptop armor. It’s a metal case that looks like a briefcase full of full of high-security documents or nuclear launch codes. It’s official-looking, and will protect your laptop from just about anything. The outside is a hard shell and the inside is a foam pillow, giving your laptop double the protection.

Don’t carry around your mobile devices without proper cases. They cost too much to replace and, most likely, your entire life is on them.

By Emma Sturgis

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