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Many people are traditionalists in the sense they don’t like change. However, sometimes change is good, particularly when it means making life easier. This is the case with digital recorders. For so long, people had to use analog devices to record interviews, but now it’s easier than ever to make a quick recording. Smart phones contain digital recorders, so even if you don’t have a higher quality one available to you, you can still get the job done. Here are some other benefits.

Easy File Transfer

In years past, it was impossible to easily make a copy of an analog recording. Someone would need to listen to it repeatedly to make a transcript. Now, however, a digital file can simply be emailed from person to person, and automatic transcription programs can convert the voice into text.

Longer Lasting

Analog recordings degrade over time. If you try to make a copy of an analog recording, it takes away from the quality slightly. This isn’t the case when it comes to digital recordings. They last virtually forever and never lose quality when copies are made. This means that recordings of interviews can be spread far wider than they were before.


There is a lot of digital recording equipment available today, whereas analog equipment is becoming harder to find. Digital recording devices are also much less expensive than they once were, giving anyone the ability to record a conversation or an interview. Just check the legality of recording a conversation before you do so! In certain areas, both parties must be aware the recording is taking place.

There are still a few complications with this sort of equipment — primarily that even with digital dictation equipment, you need to be in a quiet area without a lot of noise pollution. This helps to ensure the recording is as clear as possible and that no details are lost due to background noise.

If you’re considering purchasing recording equipment, take the time to do research and find out what kind of equipment is best for your needs. Recording a conversation for a Podcast requires much different equipment than recording an interview. Ensuring you have the right gear will make the final recording quality much more clear and easy to listen to.

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